Assistant Engineer

Job Source: Cassius Technologies Private Limited (On behalf of UPSC)


Assistant Engineer, Assistant Veterinary Officer, Asst Director & Other –
85 Posts

Qualification: Degree (Engg), PG (Relevant Discipline)

1. (Vacancy No.20030501314) One vacancy for the post of Chief Design Engineer, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur Department of Food and Public Distribution, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (UR-01). The post is suitable for Physically Challenged person viz. Locomotor Disability including Cerebral Palsy/ Leprosy Cured/ Dwarfism/ Acid Attack Victims/ Muscular Dystrophy with disability i.e. One leg affected (R or L) (OL) or One arm affected (R or L) (OA) or Leprosy Cured (LC) or Dwarfism (DW) or Acid Attack Victims (AAV).

Minimum qualification required : Graduate

Other Useful Information : Salary/Wage Type: Monthly, Gender Preferences: Male.

Job Location : New Delhi

Experience Required : 41 years

Nature of job : Full Time

Last date to apply : 02/04/2020

No. of openings : 85

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