GoI might approve license for persons with Colour blindness

Date: 2020-03-14 19:52:21

Government is planning to approve licence for the persons with Colour blindness. People with a mild or moderate colour vision deficiency may get to drive commercial vehicles too.

♦ Ministry of road transport is to prepare draft norms after a panel of ophthalmologists from AIIMS gave its recommendations on this issue.
♦ For this purpose, the Ministry had referred the case to AIIMS to seek its view after receiving it.
♦ The AIIMS panel stated that the European Union had dropped the provision of colour blindness to obtain a driving licence while in the US, licences are not issued to such persons for driving commercial vehicles.

Colour blindness or colour vision deficiency is the inability or decreased ability to perceive colour differences under normal light conditions. By debarring people with colour blindness impacts around 3% population. In India, the prevalence of congenital colour blindness is about 8% in males and 0.5% in females.