India Post launched free digital parcel locker service

Date: 2020-03-14 19:51:41

The Department of Posts has introduced a free digital parcel locker service in the city from 11 March for the first time in India. The Chief Post Master General, West Bengal Circle, Gautam Bhattacharya, inaugurated the service from the Nabadiganta IT Post Office.

♦ Free digital parcel locker facility will be available in two post offices in Kolkata, one in the Nabadiganta IT Post Office in Sector 5 of Salt Lake City and two another in New Town.
♦ The locker will enable customers to collect their consignment from specified post offices at their convenience.
♦ The facility is popular in European countries. It will be limited to consignments received through registered post or speed post.
♦ This facility will be given for the working people who cannot receive parcels because they have no one at home to receive consignments during office hours.
♦ Specific locker number will be given to a customer, where India Post will drop the parcel. The consignments will be dropped into the digital parcel locker, and an SMS will be issued along with an OTP number to the customer concerned.
♦ The consignment will remain accessible to customers for seven days during which they can collect the parcel at any time of the day.