Man dies of Hantavirus in China

Date: 2020-03-26 15:13:32

A report from China stated that a man died from Hantavirus. He was from China's Yunnan province. He died on a bus to the Shandong province. The people who travelled along with him have been tested.

Hantaviruses are a family of viruses that are transmitted mainly by rodents. It can show varied disease syndrome in people. The name varies differ in various regions. In America, it is known as "New World" hantaviruses, and in Europe and Asia, it is known as "Old World" hantaviruses. The virus is spread mainly from rodents. The infection with any of the hantavirus can cause hantavirus disease in people. Hantaviruses may cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS).

Early symptoms of HPS include fever, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, chills, and abdominal problems.
Late symptoms, usually after four to 10 days, include coughing and shortness of breath. It can be fatal too in some cases.

HFRS will show symptoms from 1-2 weeks after coming in contact with the virus. In rare cases, it may take up to 8 weeks to show symptoms. Early symptoms include severe headaches, back and abdominal pain, fever, chills, nausea, and blurred vision.
Late symptoms include are low blood pressure (BP), acute shock, vascular leakage, and acute kidney failure.