Video Specialist Media Operations

Job Source: Cassius Technologies Private Limited (On behalf of Google)

Video Specialist Media Operations

Minimum qualifications:
MBA or equivalent practical experience.
5 years of experience in working with video/brand focused clients, Video/TV based narratives and tools.
Preferred qualifications:
Experience with media agencies, digital media solutions and/or service delivery management. Knowledge of, and passion for, Google’s video ad product suite (YouTube).
Video Black/Blue belt certification.
Understanding of the business nuances of Retail and Tech-telecom industry. Excellent storyteller and able to develop and deliver.
Effective project management skills and ability to over.

Minimum qualification required : Post Graduate

Other Useful Information : Salary/Wage Type: Monthly, Gender Preferences: Male.

Job Location : Hyderabad

Experience Required : 41 years

Nature of job : Full Time

Last date to apply : 19/05/2020

No. of openings : 1

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